Up2You, part of the bigger picture


The Up2You charity organisation supports and encourages individuals to develop their skills, whether through art, sport or other recreational activities.

The Up2You organisation exhibited artwork as part of the annual ‘Art Award and Exhibition’ organised by WA community initiative ‘As we are’. The initiatives sole mission is to encourage and support artists with an intellectual disability.

The organisation exhibited a collaborative artwork project titled ‘River Dreaming’ as part of the Dreamtime narrative series as well as other solo submissions.

Up2You has members in WAAFL Integrated Football (Coolbinia West Perth team). The Integrated Football teams are designed for males and females sixteen years and over who have intellectual disabilities. This year, the Coolbinia West Perth team became the first WAAFL premiers for 2017 and won their third consecutive Integrated Premiership.

Team sport activities such as the WAAFL Integrated Football supports positive mental health and improves social skills along with promoting physical health.