Up2You Education Workshops and Programs


The Up2You organisation offers various educational programs and workshops.

Robert, an Up2You staff member explains Dreamtime and how our First Nations people shared stories through art and dance.

“Today we are going to be talking about Dreamtime and why it is important for us Aboriginal people; Dreamtime is like our religion, it is our documentation of history, our culture.”

The organisation offers Aboriginal and Indigenous education programs and workshops for clients. The program aims to improve their understanding and awareness of Indigenous Australia through fun and engaging activities.

“We pass on our culture through art, dance; we call ‘Corroborees’ and storytelling,” Robert says.

Additionally, Up2You offers a ‘Life Skills Development’ program, which aims to empower clients. The program provides them with an understanding involved in day-to-day life. Lessons are delivered in a group setting and are structured to cater for those with learning disabilities to facilitate socialisation and interaction.

Dylan, an Up2You staff member guides them through the learning experience, offering a hands-on approach.

“Okay guys we’re here and I want you to learn how to type your names using a word document.
Patty can you start for me please, can you type it for me?
Microsoft word can help you in many ways with your life skills.
You can write letters and much more,” Dylan says.

Up2You staff provides guidance throughout the workshops and programs which aims to promote confidence and independence.