Good News Story

It is with great pleasure that Up2You Incorporated provides a good news story about a young Aboriginal man, Phillip (not his real name) who was a victim of terrible physical, sexual and psychological abuse prior to coming under the care of Teem Treasure.

Thanks to funding from the Commonwealth for the DSS Indigenous Healing Centre Project, the Coordinator implemented a customized therapeutic plan designed to build Phillips self-esteem and confidence. The positive success was achieved with support from trained mentors and volunteers who facilitated Phillip gaining important life skills including Aboriginal healing strategies.

At the beginning of Phillip’s journey, he would not engage with his Carers, Mentors or support workers, he was emotionally dysregulated and put himself in unsafe situations. Further his demeanour was very poor, he would not look you in the eyes and would hardly engage in any type of conversation.

The project provided Phillip with opportunity to play Aussie Rules Integrated Footy with the Coolbinia / West Perth Football Club. This strategy helped Phillip establish a sense of belonging, social participation and increased his team building skills. Then by late 2016 Phillip’s attitude and outlook began changing, he became more engaging, motivated and confident.

Teem Treasure Coordinator and Mentors assisted Phillip with employment support that secured him a job with the local fitness centre working three days a week 4 hours per day. Phillip has maintained this position for over three months and he continues to receive encouraging feedback from fitness centre staff.

The new Phillip presents as a confident young man with a positive disposition. He smiles often and discusses his future goals and aspirations. His episodic behaviours are greatly reduced and he still needs daily support but given that only 16 months ago, he was viewed as a liability …. wow what a turnaround. Now Phillip is becoming a valuable community member and strives to reach his full potential.