Up2You Inc. Sponsors Kenyan Athlete; Alfred Koech

A run for a better life – Alfred Koech

Alfred is proudly sponsored in part by Up2You Inc. under its social governance policy.

Alfred Koech,from Itigo, a village in Kenya has put his best foot forward in life. Koech always knew that his talent in sports would take him places and he believes that he is well on the path he dreamt about since childhood of using his athletic talent to get education.

Growing up in Itigo, a village where most of Kenya’s top long-distance runners grew up motivated and inspired Koech. Due to his talent, he was fortunate to attend Kosirai High, a high school well known for being one of the few schools that supports students with athletic talent and train them to be world class.

Embarking on a different route, Alfred ventured to Perth, Western Australia to continue his passion for running and gain education. In 2016 he was named the athletics captain in Edith Cowan University (ECU), one of the leading universities in Australia. During a radio interview he stated that it motivated him and he is now working towards competing and making an impression at the 2018 Australian Commonwealth Games.

“…I continue to be inspired, by the likes of Peter Rono, Bernard Lagat, Edward Kemboi and Betsy Saina, among others who educated themselves through sports scholarships and went ahead to succeed in the careers as runners as well,” Koech said.

The Board of Up2You would like wish Alfred and his young family all the best and continued success.   



– Article and photo by Simorin Pinto